Bible Quiz-Dei Verbum

Bible Quiz at Diocesan Level

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To greatly improve the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible, the department of Faith Formation is introducing a Bible quiz program “Dei Verbum” (Word of God) as part of the CCD curriculum. Bible quiz will be a diocesan program of the St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Diocese of Chicago, USAand will be conducted every year. There are threelevels for this program:

  1. Parish level
  2. Regional level
  3. Diocese level (Final on-stage)


The diocesan quiz program will be led by a team designated by and under the guidance of Eparchial Catechetical Council. This team will closely work with Regional level or Forane level leaders, vicars and CCD principals to co-ordinate all activities and communications for the success of this program. Few key responsibilities of this team are: question preparation, regional level written test evaluation, onstage judgement, onstage quiz master role, communication, preparation of rules and guidance, administrative functions, and budget.


Registered CCD students (grade four to twelve), youth and adult members of Syro-Malabar parishes are eligible to participate in this Bible quiz. We encourage all the parishes and missions to actively participate in this new program. A nominal fee of $10.00 is tobe collected from each participant to cover the cost such as administration cost, certificates, trophies and grand prizes. Since Bible Quiz is part of the student’s annual CCD academic award, all students from fourth to twelfth grade are encouraged to participate in this program.


For the purpose of this program, the parishes and missions under our diocese are split into five regions/zones. Each parish/region will compete in 4 groups as shown below:





Participant Group


CCD Grade in the new academic year


Sub Junior

4 to 6



7 and 8



9 to 12


Youth and Adults

Above grade 12 and all adults



There will be two written tests before selecting the final on-stage candidates from each region. All written tests and on-stage competition will be conducted in English. We will be referencing “The New American Bible (Revised Edition)” for the Bible study. Quiz relatedBible books, chapters, other applicable reference materials, question format, model questions, written test dates and time, and final onstage date will be announced at the beginning of each CCD academic year.

All registered participants will be attending the first written test at their own parish or mission under the supervision of the vicar and/or DRE. The question papers and answer sheets for the first written test will be made available to the parishes and missions few days before the test date. Shortlisted candidates, who scored 80% or above, fromeach participant group will appear for the regional level second written test. This written test will be conducted as same as the first one with additional set of questions on Biblical verses.Top two scholars from the regional written test will be selected to appear for the final onstage quiz.


First written test (parish level) evaluation will be done at the respective parishesand missions by the designated CCD team. The list of qualified candidates and their answer sheets should be sent to the diocesan core team.

All second written test (regional level) answer sheets must be sent back to the diocesan core team for the evaluation. The core team selects two successful candidates from each region for the final onstage quiz.


The final onstage quiz competition will be held at St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Cathedral campus, Chicago. The regionally selected candidates will challenge individually on the stage in front of quiz masters and live audience.

Onstage quiz for each group will be done separately.  Each groupwill go through at least 4 rounds of questions to determine the final winners.


There will be an ever-rolling trophy for the final onstage winner from each group. The winner, second and third levels will receive cash award, personal trophy and a certificate. Rest of the onstage participants will receive personal trophy and certificate.All participants who are appearing for the second written test (regional level) will receive a certificate from the Diocese.

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