HolyChildHood Association

Holy Childhood Association (HCA), also known as Thirubalasakyam

The Holy Childhood Association (HCA) was founded in France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen. What we know today as the Holy Childhood Association,
or by its original name of the Society of the Holy Childhood, is, according to the date of its foundation (May 19, 1843), the second of the Pontifical Mission Societies.
To be one of these Societies means to be part of this“worldwide network of prayer and missionary charity of the Successor of Peter”, with particular features that give
it its own personality: it is addressed to children and gives them the experience that to be Christians is to live actively and effectively the mission of the Church;that it
is to take part in the giving and receiving of the mission,in the life of communion of the churches in the Church (that is, to live catholicity).

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