LittleFlower Mission League


Diocesan Guidelines (Draft 9.14.2021)

The diocese requests every parish to have the Little Flower Mission League (LFML) under the auspices of Sunday School. The purpose of LMFL is to practice what children learn through the Sunday School faith program, especially the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

Name: Little flower Mission League (LFML)

Aim: Fostering the Mission Spirit and Assisting the Missionaries by means of Prayer, Man, Money, Vocation Promotion, Initiate Leadership, and Spiritual Development.

Motto: Love, Sacrifice, Service, and Suffering.

Heavenly Patrons:

  • St. Therese of Lisieux (Little Flower)
  • St. Thomas the Apostle
  • St. Francis Xavier
  • St. Alphonsa



  1. Must be of the Catholic faith, active participation in catechism and church activities including the holy sacraments
  2. Lead a life of faith, love, and service to others
  3. Sunday School Children who received Solemn Holy Communion
  4. Recite Daily LFML Prayer for Missionaries Around the World


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